Natural disasters are beyond the control of man. They have occurred since Man has been, and will continue to happen for ever. There is one lesson that we humans have learned over the different phases of evolution of mankind on Earth. That is, we cannot control such natural phenomena, but we can certainly adapt ourselves to live up to them, and to face them, while sustaining minimum damage and loss to us. We may be helpless to change the course of nature, but with effort and will, we can be prepared to face its ferocity.

The calamitous Earthquake that happened in the mountainous region of Bagh in Pakistan in October 2005 and the sweeping Floods in 2010 and 2011, were a learning experience for many, far and wide. For us, it provided the motivation to start this project. Greatly inspiring to us was the remarkable feat of national commitment and solidarity to overcome the challenge thrown up by nature. Not less inspiring, was the instantaneous international assistance that was forthcoming to support our own endeavors.

The only negative observance has been that once the challenge was met head on, and faced adequately, and palpable normalcy was restored, the special spirit and morale and energy created fizzled out to a great degree. The platforms that rose up promptly and delivered so effectively soon after lost or lessened their efficacy and activity, and sometimes even their presence. All these things provided us the basis to conceive and to launch this project.