There are about 2 million visually impaired people in Pakistan. This accounts for around 2.5% of the total population. Among this statistics, Sindh accounts for around 108,308 people. Even though several NGOs are working for this cause and doing their best to contribute to it, there is still lack of resources to support and educate the visually impaired people. There is still room for further growth. This results in vast untapped potential of the human capital of Pakistan. There is a need to establish a school, dedicated and committed to serve this purpose and provide opportunities to these special people to discover their strengths and talents and develop them in the process.

Nature has its own way of accommodating living beings. The visually impaired are no exception. Their visual disability is compensated by the fact that they develop skills to understand their environment and adapt to it. They soon become accustomed to their special attribute. They just need to find their strength and soon they're on their way to a bright future and become a contributing member of the society. This school plans to accommodate visually impaired students who will be exposed to an excellent learning environment where they can grasp an understanding of their abilities and identify their true potential.

Ester Jane, who is visually challenged, serves as a wonderful example of a highly trained and capable person who has developed and enhanced her skills over the years through education. Her remarkable progress as an educationist is evidence that the visually impaired possess equal learning ability and attributes as most of us. It proves that they are not inferior in any way and have the power to ignite a change with little consideration and help from our side.