Schools are the factories where teachers are the tools,
with the help of these two, every nation creates its future. (TCRTP)


Education is the fundamental element of progress in all societies of the world and for education the most important contributors are the teachers and the standards of teaching.

Teaching is an art itself, not merely dependent on the level of knowledge; it requires numerous other traits to become a good teacher. Good teachers are thinkers and problem solvers. They know how to communicate with children;

they understand how to readjust according to different psychological variations in different children. Kindness, understanding, communication and empathy are only a few of the dozens of attributes that are essential to become a teacher.

Having discussed briefly the importance of teachers and their contribution in building a nation, let us discuss the current scenario of teachers and the level of teaching that prevails in our part of the world. Unfortunate but true, the conditions of teachers and the standards of teaching both are going through a struggling phase. Allow us to be candid in mentioning that our teachers are not exactly performing their jobs in accordance with the requirements of this noble profession. It is an accepted fact that there are several factors which cumulatively lead to the current plight of standards of teaching in Pakistan. Socio-economic, financial, infrastructure and policy matters are among the biggest contributors that are damaging not only the standards of teaching but also the whole education system seems to be collapsing at the hands of such elements.

We examined the whole scenario thoroughly and after assessing and evaluating the pros and cons attached to it, we reached to the conclusion that within the given constraints of resources there are many things that can still be done to elevate the level of teaching in our education system.

Teacher Certification, Recognition & Training Program is considered to be one of the best options for making timely and result oriented effort which will bring back immediate and long lasting benefits for the education system.


Valuing good and discouraging bad is the logic behind setting up standards; generally known as standardization. Mankind has learnt this trait while passing through different phases of evolution. Even the divine concepts of heaven & hell are based on the same principle.

In our case it is observed that despite all the challenges and constraints there are still many teachers who in their personal capacity are committed to departing quality education to the children of the nation. We have reasons to believe. There are numerous examples of those who are so passionately dedicated to their noble profession that they simply reach the level of self actualization. Relentless and unmoved by any of the internal or external factors, they just carry on, pursuing their goals of rendering quality education to their students. Yes, it is very good, but the fact is that nations are not built upon exceptions. For building a nation, you need to put a strong system of accreditation in place. This system will ensure that all the teachers apply their best knowledge and skills to depart quality education to their children.