About Us


Our team can be defined as a small group of like-minded people, who started to work independently for each one’s own social cause, and eventually teamed together at SEN, to continue our work together with renewed vigor, under the umbrella of a single, unified entity.

We belong to the nomadic tribes of social enthusiasts. We all have our own pet social theme and exercise that we all have been working on separately, since substantial time.

We don’t have any background like philanthropist or industrialist etc. Instead we all are ordinary – common people, we all work independently to run our own individual kitchens, We conduct our own separate businesses, go to our jobs and simultaneously we serve our passion for social uplift by putting efforts for mending our own social fabric.

For years we kept on playing our part for the betterment of society using our own resources. We never seek any formal donations or funding from any local or international organization, instead we kept quenching our own pockets and resources for meeting the requirements of this noble mission.

Eventually, we had reached a point where it had become impossible to manage all these things on our own. Furthermore, there are several matters like collaborations and affiliations where the existence of a formal organizational setup had become a necessity. Thus we got registered on 3rd July 2012. This was followed by National Tax Number and the Charity Exemption Certificate by Federal Board of Revenue.



  • Registration Number:                             PCSW(S) 1339/2012
  • NTN Number:                                           4019996-7 / Company (NGO/NPO)
  • FBR - Charity Exemption Certificate:    795/ 2012-13
     (under clause 36 (2) of ITO 2002) Status: Life Time Approval