The vision to establish this school was conceived by Ester Jane who is its founder. This project to initiate a school which will be located in Mehmoodabad (Karachi), aims to cater to the visually impaired to provide them free of cost education and a dependable platform to develop and polish their skills and talents.

  • A hostel will be provided for the students' accommodation.
  • The school aims to admit 20 students initially and gradually increase the number of enrollments over time.
  • Professional teachers will be engaged to serve as faculty members. Specialists have also agreed to become a part of this project.
  • Ester Jane and other visually challenged educationists are also willing to help us accomplish our goals.
  • Students from various universities and institutions will be encouraged to volunteer to teach in this school as well. This may serve as their social/corporate internships.

Additionally, the school will serve as an educational institute in the second half of the day (after 2o'clock) for those children who can't afford education and are engaged in unproductive activities specifically those involved in begging. The school aims to make them productive and self sufficient. Qualified teachers will also work to develop their skills and their potential.