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Ali Asif

President - Social Elevation Network

Ali Asif, an entrepreneur, business strategizing, planning and modeling expert, a writer, teacher, and a flaring public speaker. Numerous corporate and social workshops including international conferences have been his forte. Credible researches on different social and entrepreneurial subjects are ready for publication. Besides his dispensations in business and corporate sectors, Ali has been an activist since his college years - an ardent enthusiast for social uplift, economic elevation and youth development. After working with dozens of grass-root level of social concerns he has marked his distinctive position in social work fraternity. Known to many as social sensei, Ali has supported several social causes and campaigns in terms of conceiving, designing, planning and executing their respective social concerns. He maintains the conviction that the need for formal and institutionalized efforts for encouraging participation of masses in the processes of social development is inevitable. Ali recently laid the foundations of Pakistan's First Formal Social Incubator.

On a lighter note Ali is a soul on fire, always restless and passionate. Ever opting for most difficult summits and always found to be consistently pursuing his ambitions. He counts himself as an average student as he faced immense difficulty in completing his studies. Has done his BBA, MBA & LLB, and way before completing his formal education he had joined his family business, followed by other entrepreneurial ventures. Social projects, business ventures, studies, and other obligations kept him on his toes. This entire struggle helped him in developing a habit of working relentlessly and with persistent diligence. This allowed him the opportunity to tackle various multifaceted tasks simultaneously. The launch of Social Elevation Network was a dream - truly a dream for a person with so many personal obligations at his disposal. However, his perseverance and dedication being overwhelming, he over ran all constraints in pursuance of his aspirations, and conquered every single hurdle that confronted him. He realized it is only a beginning, and that the quest he has started, demands decades of consistent efforts, for there is lot to do and much to improve.