Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Social Incubators, if designed and executed properly, could act as the catalyst for social development. Certainly a good tool to promote pervasive social participation, which is necessary for growth and development of any society in difficult phases.

  2. It provides support as a platform, a launch-pad, a shelter to small genuine social concerns.

  3. A haven for networking of social contributors where new ideas for social development are welcomed, discussed, promoted and the trends of positive social thinking are motivated.

  4. Experienced social activists provide guidance, suggestions, references to new comers, which certainly saves a great deal of time and energy, which would have been wasted otherwise in trial and error formula.


When a group of young activists or small social groups come to us with some idea, project or campaign for social betterment, we professionally

assess the scenario from an overall perspective, to determine the actual situation and feasibility. This assists development of a comprehensive

plan for the whole activity based upon the precise requirements of the social objective in view. The sharing of this whole experience,

knowledge and information with the enthusiastic aspirants is the first, educative, and crucial step in our support towards fulfillment

of their social betterment cause, in a focused, time-saving and pragmatic manner.


Let’s discuss a particular situation, so that you can understand other similar and diverse scenarios, as well.


If you have an idea; and you come to us and discuss your plans, concepts, and projected approaches. Our experienced representative will

consider, evaluate and assess your project. If any such, or similar concept, has already been in practice in our circles, then, our coordinator

will refer you to the concerned groups, where you will be welcomed open heartedly. In case your idea happens to be unique and workable,

then we shall make arrangements to help you to start your own social concern. This could include provision of a platform, support teams,

guidance, connections and references, and also resources, where possible. Other more advanced support activities can be considered

and extended, in respect of ideas, plans and projected campaigns with really large, wide-reaching, expanded formats, and dependable



These projects and networks are a solid evidence to back and endorse our claims. These are the live examples of how we are equipped to

facilitate and support individual projects and groups to a level that we even allow them to be affiliated with our own organization. Mention-

ably, some of the projects are a legacy of how we started our activities and operations on the social elevation front.


There is no predetermined formula, as such. We cannot, and do not unilaterally decide on any of such formal merger of operations. It is the

originality of the social group's idea, the consistency and passion of their team members and also their own intent and decisions on future

plans that matter. These are the elements that contribute to the decision on how the groups' social betterment activity is to be carried on and

progressed. As far as we are concerned, we are always open to ideas and do not have any resistance to combined and unified operations, as

long as the social elevation objective is served, and served well.


As far as the registration fee or any other charges are concerned, we don’t charge anything - at all. At SEN this is out of question!! 

But, for all social groups and individuals, we have a reasonably stringent and unshakable criterion. We do not compromise on two

basic elements: Firstly, the idea put forward has to be original and clearly designed for positive social uplift. Secondly, we do not entertain

half heart-ed, non-serious attempts, or plans - or even people. Over ambitious, and interest-oriented people, or projects designed on 'self-

interest' basis do not have a place in our systems.


To encourage, motivate and promote pervasive social contribution by true representatives of the society, on a widest possible basis, is an

ideal, we believe in. Observation and experience has testified quite often, that many successful social elevation attempts and efforts have had

small and humble beginnings. So, we feel the encouragement of motivated individuals and groups, however weak or small or challenged, are

the true essence of the whole social elevation movement.


When genuine contributors cannot surface their efforts due to limitation of resources or due to all the stumbling blocks being discussed earlier,

naturally a vacuum is being created. The opportunist mindset gets attracted by the potential profits. When the drive is to make profits, the

results would be the same as we can easily observe in our society.


Through promoting genuine contribution by true representatives of different segments of society, social incubators would help to limit the

prototypes of typical NGO-ISM that gets to prevail and grow as opportunities attract many non-professionals to this segment.


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