About Us


  • We claim that Social Elevation Network is a unique social concern, at least in Pakistan, if not in the world. Our claim is backed by the following facts:
  • Conception and launch of a social incubator has not been attempted before in the history of Pakistan.
  • This attempt has been initiated by ordinary citizens of this country, without seeking assistance from any donor agency, charitable fund or government body. Purely, as a “For us By us” effort.
  • It is a comprehensive plan covering multiple aspects of social betterment under its wide-spectrum design. Inculcating most diverse ideas, it has the capacity to accommodate numerous stake holders at the same time. All operating under one umbrella, and endorsing the efforts of each other for more effective outcome.
  • The pioneers of this exceptional idea (and Social Elevation Network, itself) have been ground level social enthusiaists.
  • After conducting comprehensive research, we now have fully developed plans for more than seven projects on different social issues. We have particularly worked and specialized in the areas of Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Education, Dissabled persons and their Education, and Capacity building projects beside others.
  • We being the torchbearers of pervasive social contribution in Pakistan have been developing genuine social networking through our brand wagon of campaigns, networks and liasion committees.
  • All these projects have been intentionally designed to work in collaboration with any serious social enterprizes for betterment of society.
  • Our organization’s distinct approach in terms of Concept, Design and Execution is unparalleled indeed.