All parents, especially mothers are naturally keen to see their children take healthy, wholesome food. They exert all energy and time at their disposal to make their children eat a good, clean and healthy diet. The loving motivation bears fruit naturally, and they succeed in wholesome and healthy food at breakfast and dinner. However, the third meal - the one consumed at school is no less important, which is why constant worries of many mothers relate to the suspect quality of food their children take at their school.

The school meal therefore, happens to be the one meal where children can be prone to, or have the undesired liberty of taking junk food. Their health is at the whims and fancies of the canteen vendors, who, unfortunately being uneducated, are lacking in concepts of hygiene, health and nutritious food.

It is an accepted fact that parents & teachers both are equally aware of this situation. Many want to change this scenario. Unfortunately, this important issue has remained neglected so far.