Three of our firm beliefs have been the guiding light for us in conceiving the project BEYOND THE SIGHT, for the visually impaired. These are detailed hereunder:
  1. We are convinced that the Visually impaired are as blessed as most of us.

  2. We are confident that the Alternate attributes of the Visually impaired need to be tapped fully, to bring out their latent potential to mark their place in society.

  3. We have faith that a platform for making the Voice of the Visually impaired heard in the corridors of power, will not only help sort their issues but also provide lasting solutions.

While the capacity of the visually impaired may be limited in one way, nature sees to it that their alternate attributes are brought out to enable them to compete, and even transcend. Innumerable instances exist, and have always existed in virtually every society, where visually impaired folk, transcending their limitations and taking advantage of their special attributes have created a particularly revered and useful place for themselves in society.

The founder, author and active leader of this liaison network, Ester Jane is herself a highly successful, well-travelled and venerated person, who happens to be a sound example of how and what a Visually impaired person can do and achieve, for betterment of the society - and most of all, for elevating the morale and bringing out the true potential of others.