Team SEN feels proud to announce this simple yet effective project based on a very basic need of every human; the need to be free.

There are hundreds of helpless people who are bound to stay behind bars simply because they canít afford to pay small amounts of bail or surety amount set by courts. The Police and the judicial system is so slow that there are several cases in which convicts lie in jail while their cases remain pending/unheard for years. Many would be touched to hear that numerous cases are known where people have been stranded in jails just because they donít have even meager amounts (like 1500 to 5000 Rupees) to bail themselves out.

Our legal team will search out genuine helpless cases, and will arrange for their bail or release.

The Process Involves:

  1. Finding the relevant cases

  2. Assessment of the case file and legal history

  3. Confirmation of each case to be genuine

  4. Making Arrangements for the bail

  5. Execution