This is an established fact that the working class or skilled labor holds most fundamental value in economic sustenance of any nation. The golden hands of hardworking craftsmen are considered to be among the most important natural resource of every country. We value this asset, and considering the importance of skilled labor we launched our project “Golden Hands”.

We are engaging some professional organizations (including private and government institutes for vocational training and skill development) who have specialized in the field of skill development training. Our plan is to sort out a particular number of genuine cases for such certifications. We pay the fees on behalf of these feasible candidates and get them trained by professional organizations/ institutes.

Dual Benefit for Society:

  1. Great way to support positive individuals to earn respectable living for themselves and for their families.

  2. Contributing to develop skilled and trained workforce. This is a big plus for our industries. Even if some of them go abroad as skilled labor, this will also support the economy as they will be sending remittances to their families back at home.