To launch a comprehensive teacher accreditation and training program in Pakistan proposed for affiliation by the Ministries of Education.

It is a universal truth that education plays a key role in the processes of the building, improvement and the progress of a nation. The prospect of a better tomorrow is directly linked to improved educational level of the members of the society.

The dream of a better future cannot be seen more vividly than through the eves of the youth, which is responsible enough to plan and carve its own destiny. Educated and responsible youth can only be cultivated through the hands and efforts of capable, devoted, sensible and sincere teachers.

The importance of the teacher in improving the level of education is indisputably as much as the importance of education in building a nation.

The three main and stage-wise objectives which have been determined with regard to betterment of the quality and caliber of the teachers are, their:

  • Certification
  • Recognition
  • Training

The above processes will, of course, be carried out as departmentalized functions. The three distinct functions will be conducted by separate departments. The effective, smooth and improved functions of the three departments, will not only enhance their esteem and image, but also lead to strengthening of the impeccable services to the projected noble cause.