Executive Member - Ester Jane

When I was a little girl, I used to think that how God who is kind and gentle could take my sight away. Now I have learnt that nature is just, if it takes one thing away, certainly the compensation is naturally done in form of some other attribute. The other attributes are to be tapped in order to utilize the blessings. I believe that the mindset and attitude determines your destiny. As I said nature is just, it gives you some additional talents while taking away some others. It is the human who has to decide if he is willing to sort out his opportunities or to surrender his fate at the hands of others. If one adopts optimistic approach then the same set of problems could be viewed as blessings. Similarly if your approach is not positive then you could mourn and curse your fate in every condition and situation of your life.

I am blind since birth, was born in a Christian family of average resources and status. I always wanted to study but my first learning of life was that the Braille Press was not providing the students with any course books, and hence blind are bound to become dependent on others. My family is less inclined towards education, only a few are educated themselves, and therefore they did not have much to offer for my education. The challenges were so confining that to me, the prospects of getting myself educated was appearing to be inconceivable. But then some angel whispered in my ears that God is Kind and Gentle. This faith took me along all the way, and whatever I have accomplished is due to the belief that God is just and I am blessed. This was only one, out of the long list of challenges that contested me at various stages of my struggle. While striving to accomplish the impossible, life comes across with numerous obstacles, but the support was one, my hope, my God and my trust in him. I have set my goal on two missions. Completion of my education and to become a productive member of this society, while the second mission was to make a support network for visually impaired. Overcoming all hurdles I have completed my Master in English Literature, followed by Bachelors of Education. I am presently working for the development and growth of special children under the Special Education Department. My second aspiration has been associated with all those who have visual impairment, and I seek creation of similar opportunities for them too.

All the hardships that I have faced in my life have rendered me the vision that I shall make efforts to address all the hurdles to education for visually impaired students of our society. I conceived a social network that shall work to eradicate all hurdles to education for the said type of students. For the same objective, we at Social Elevation Network have conceived and launched our project - Beyond the Sight.

Our hope is that many, around us, and beyond, will share in our vision, and the aspirations we have will soon take concrete shape.

Ester Jane
Executive Member
Project Head - Beyond the Sight