Executive Member - Syed Karamatullah

Teaching is a profession in which interaction with young and energetic people is at highest levels. While doing my own studies I used to be very active in co-curricular activities. In my university years I was an active student union leader. Even after my education I kept my social circles intact, and together we have kept contributing to various social causes. We have been supporting different education projects for years. After completion of my studies I chose teaching as my profession and 30 years of consistent interaction with young students provided me the vision that all the problems of our country can be resolved if we are able to develop educated, capable and responsible youth.

Developing better youth means creating better future. I believe that solution to all social problems can be acquired by cultivation of well educated, skilled, proactive, and enthusiastic youth. Education is off course the foundation, and inculcation of attributes like, the ability to plan their future, the will to pursue for their plans, the courage to face the hardships, commitment to be steadfast, perseverant till the achievement of their goals. Self reliance and a passion to carve their own opportunities and to survive in all difficult phases is what we must train our youth for. Surely their time shall be tougher by all means. Therefore it is our responsibility to train them accordingly. Best investment that can be done today is in our youth. These are the hands that will be holding this nation tomorrow. It is our utmost responsibility to build these hands as strong as possible. This is the one element, which if tapped and utilized properly could change the fate of our nation. My mission is to develop youth and student networks - not charged by any political or religious motives but by the sheer aspirations to inculcate better networking, competition and healthy spirit in our youth.

Social Elevation Network is a platform, where I found it feasible to start my mission for developing the youth networks for saving and brightening the tomorrow of my country. I request all the teachers and students to support this cause by joining it and motivating others too. Together we all can make a difference.

Syed Karamatullah
Executive Member
Project Head - Youth Development & Networks