Executive Member - Omar Bin Said

I have travelled half a world on submarines, trainings, postings, and as a tourist. A keen observer of life and an enthusiastic student of the varying patterns of societies, I still remember those fine days, when as a teen-ager, I would take on the painting of the fence and doing the lawn, even at my own house. My father would issue me the budget for all such jobs and it would be my choice whether to get the jobs done by a paid vendor, or to take on the work and earn my own buck. All such exercises inculcated in me the habits of hard work while also introducing me with certain, most valuable aspects, i.e. of respecting the value of hard work, and hard earned money. I have since, always respected those who work, no matter whether it is laborious toil, hand work, salaried work or wage-based or skill-based activity. It should be work, and in this lies the dignity of man, I believe.

My version of doing social welfare activity for the poor and helpless is not to feed him literally. I think if one gives someone food just like that, it is not indeed welfare. Rather it is a damage that you are causing to the recipient. The well known thinker Lao Tzu said, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." No nations are built by angels, but are built by the hands of its labor, craftsman and workers. If we learn to respect the dignity and importance of working class and the role they play in the progress of a nation, we could get back on track with in years.

I therefore propose capacity building projects that are the real key to many problems that we as a nation today.

Omar Bin Said
Executive Member
Project Head - Golden Hands