Executive Member - Salman Haq

I stand fully convinced and convicted today, that every individual in a society should do whatever is within his capacity - however meager it may be, for the social development of the society and the individuals forming it. Truly, it should be a part of our educational training programs to instill this concept in the minds of everyone, right from the earliest stages. I have seen during the course of my travels from the Orient, India, the Middle East, Europe, to the Northern American societies of Canada and the USA, that individuals, communities, companies and corporations and even the States, are expected to ensure, and to see it as their prime responsibility that social concerns are addressed effectively, forcefully and with positive results. Since education is the main vehicle for ingraining these essential concepts in the national psyche, educational methods, systems should be designed with this in mind. The primary importance of education should never be belittled. The importance that improvement in the standards of teaching, and the quality of the teachers themselves, holds, should similarly never be ignored, and in fact, should be given the highest priority in our society. It was keeping these essential concepts in mind that our Teacher, Certification, Recognition & Training Program chose the following slogan, as its bye word, watch word, and guide for now, and all times to come:

Schools are the factories where teachers are the tools, and with the help of these two, every nation creates its future. (TCRTP)

Salman Haq
Executive Member
Project Head - TCRTP