Treasurer - Syed Ali Sheheryar Shah

I wish to keep my message short and simple. Never been a philanthropist or even a full-fledged activist. But Ali is an old friend and I have been participating in all his campaigns and missions as far as possible. Knowing his true passion for social uplift I have always backed him and supported him. When this idea of initiating a social incubator was shared with me, I felt that this is a break-through idea that would really work. I had already seen many social projects being rolled back just because of limitation of resources. However, I stood convinced that launching the social incubator would be a fantastic concept for social service.

My friends, I may not be a specialized social work expert, but I am very much aware of how to calculate need analysis and to sort out feasibilities based on statistical inference. I am confident that this idea has an efficiency rate of more than 80%. The reason being, that all the input being inducted will be directly utilized in facilitation of those social concerns who have been striving for their existence. Therefore the laborious and resource quenching exercise of designing, developing, and executing the new groups or projects would be saved. I suggest it is a dynamic idea. Yes it is unique and has not been practiced before but it is well needed and well timed too. I propose that all of you assess its arrangements and objectives in detail before joining it.

Syed Ali Sheheryar Shah
Executive Member & Treasurer
Social Elevation Network