President - Ali Asif

Social Elevation Network is Pakistan's first formal Social Incubator. It is not just a unique organization rather it has firm basis of existence. Observations and conscious considerations backed by Years of experience compelled us to conceive and launch this un-conventional style of organization focused for social development & improvement.

It is not just a dream that I saw one night and the following morning I decided to launch Social Elevation Network. Working for years in social work fraternity at different levels and the experience gained from other seasoned social activist provided me insights about many issues of this sector. The quest to find workable solutions led to the fact that the type of problems we have and for quantum of our social problems, social participation is the key to progress. After all studies, learning, research and experience, I learnt only one thing and that is, Your Salvation rests at Your Own Hands. If you have a problem, the one who is going to fix it is you. No knight in shining armor is going to come to your rescue. The second thing I learnt is about the perseverance of this nation. Even in such a dreary situation social contribution at all levels is present. Yes, it is diminishing a bit, but only due to lack of guidance, support and institutionalization. I know hundreds of young social contributors facing hardships and many get exhausted, and eventually quit from playing their positive role in the development of the society.

My team and I worked for two years particularly to sort out practical solution to stop this drainage of social contribution and efforts. This is how we conceived and launched Pakistan's First Formal Social Incubator, named as Social Elevation Network. SEN is designed to address all the basic concerns of a new aspiring social activist or group. Now my young leaders need not worry about any demoralizing factors. This is a platform that shall provide you guidance to improve, design and plan your social uplift ideas, projects and campaigns. It will bring the expertise of experts and seasoned enthusiasts to you for realization of your goals. SEN is a platform, a launch-pad and also a social haven for all positive social networking.

The enthusiasm, passion and impeccable energy in our youth is the force which if channelized effectively could move mountains. The cells in your brains can generate more energy than any fusion reaction can. If any of you have any genuine passion for doing something to contribute to this society and are challenged by limitation of resources, do not let this be a stumbling block, do not let your passion and fire be dampened. Social Elevation Network is here to be your partner in all social development and growth initiatives. Provided of course, you have the passion, the commitment and the dedication to stay brisk, and you are ready to stand the test.

So, do not keep thinking. Start acting, and start now.

Ali Asif
Social Elevation Network