About Us


For last six years, while doing our own small scale social uplift efforts, we kept on studying the social work segment very closely. Tthis small but direct and firsthand experience is quite enough to teach us that most important things needed by our social work fraternity are institutionalization, transparency and fair competition.


We being the ground level of social workers exactly know what it takes to be a social activist. The amount of friction that young social visionaries are bound to face is impeccable. In the absence of any guidance or advice most of their energies are consumed in the basics of developing their social projects. Yes thousands of young and passionate souls set out for achievement of their aspirations of social contribution but the friction and the opposing forces are so strong that even the rigid and committed got bedazzled and dwarfed before the enormity of the opposing forces. Lack of system, long and tiresome procedures of government departments, bribery and exploitation, monopoly and influence of competing organizations, influence of the status quo forces, irrational and insensitive attitude of decision makers and corruption in the corridors of power are one side of the coin. Whereas social burdens and other pressures all add up to a gigantic wave that sweeps most of them and put them back to their boxes. This is what we have actually seen that how noble and passionate souls give-up the pursuit for their righteous cause at the hands of such unwanted impediments and troubles.

The truth is, these difficulties are certainly overwhelming for the young but, it is a small amount of direction, support, guidance and motivation that will ignite these passionate souls and they’ll overrun and conquer every difficulty that might come their way. Their energies once channelized and managed properly could certainly move the mountains.