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Dr. Syed Karamatullah

Executive Member SEN & Project Head-Youth Networks

Dr. Syed Karamatullah has been an educationist for last 30 years of his life, presently serving as Deputy Dean at KASBIT. The passion for learning and teaching prompted him to join this profession. He himself has been a dynamic student, with a track record filled with positions and distinctions. Besides all the decorated educational record Dr. Karamatullah has a keen interest in extracurricular activities; be it sports, dramatics, debating, or even student politics. He has done his Doctorate in Strategic, Marketing and Planning. He is blessed with special set of attributes that made him a great teacher. The ideal blend of great knowledge, direct and one-on-one communication with every student and a unique soft and humble personality, made him very popular among students. This special persona allowed him to be more close to students' hearts and minds. Thousands of young students consider him as their mentor and a source of guidance in almost every sphere of their life.

Dr. Karamatullah has been active and social person throughout his life; kept himself engaged with a handful of social circles, mostly comprising his close friends, colleagues, family members and other coherences. According to his philosophy on social uplift, he holds the importance of youth and networking to be the Basic element in the context of social elevation.

For the same reason he has joined Social Elevation Network to formally pursue his ideas of positive and constructive youth Networks.