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Salman Haq

Executive Member & Project Head - TCRTP

Salman Haq is a retired business man. An advertising and marketing practitioner with nearly 35 years of professional experience in the fields, he is presently occupied in managing his investments in areas of construction, property and money markets etc.

A Masters' Degree holder in English Literature, he also completed a graduate course in Marketing Management from Tufts University in Boston, USA. Has had the experience of handling the advertising of 15 multinational companies during his long career, which included 10 years of operation of his own advertising company. The multinationals included Union Carbide Singapore, Medinpex of Hungary, Pakistan Tobacco, Brooke Bond, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle' of Switzerland etc. His working career has been with Goodman Pakistan, AIPL and Pakland Cement Ltd.

Mr. Haq has been brought up in a literary family, associated with some great poets, writers and scholars, Mr. Haq naturally has had a strong grasp of literature and social concerns. Has visited USA, Canada, Europe, KSA, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India on numerous educational, official and leisure tours. The companionship with literary souls has cultivated his own literary, educational and writing skills, which embellished with his own wide reading, experience of peoples and places, has refined his lifelong belief in the adage that 'education maketh the man'. He stands convinced that for any nation better future can only be ensured through good education for all, and for having good education standards, better, refined teachers need to be cultivated fast.