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Shireen Naqvi

School of Leadership

Shireen Naqvi's experience as a Founding Director at School of Leadership (SoL) and senior management consultant and facilitator at Navitus includes having been consulted by a number of local and multinational corporations, NGOs and educational resource centers across Pakistan. Her areas of focus are personal social development and visionary leadership. In her efforts to bring about positive change in the nation’s professional environment, she organized and led the annual Young Leaders Conference (YLC) since 2002.

Shireen’s success in facilitating competency-building programs lies in her strength of adapting to a wide range of people.  Being exposed to diverse cultures through extensive traveling and varied experiences, Shireen believes in the value of diversity and the existence of immense potential in each and every individual. She stimulates and enhances the latent talents of participants in her workshops. Her aim is to develop inner discipline, greater resolve and empathy in people. She joined Social Elevation Network, formally as a life time member and advisor in January 2013.  


Shireen holds an MBA (1993), from the Institute of Business Administration, University of Karachi where she majored in Management Information Systems. Shireen is married, has two children and lives in Karachi.