The basic concept envisaged is to create a platform for young, energetic souls where they can get together and interact intellectually, share ideas and ambitions, discuss creative thoughts, and projects and plans for social strengthening. Here, modes and methods and avenues for productive employment of youthful talent and energies would be discussed for implementation which is not only socially and nationally beneficial, but also intellectually and emotionally fulfilling.

This platform is conceived to be a haven for positive and productive social networking amongst our youth. The idea is to develop purely a social networking of youth - not biased by religious, sectarian, linguistic or other agendas. The motto is to create a platform which shall:

  • Promote Networking/ interaction/ positive socializing etc. among youth
  • Render them the chance to play their part in social activities/ to volunteer for different projects of their own preference.
  • Allow them to run different campaigns like Anti Corruption/ Human Rights etc.
  • Encourage them to run different societies like Blood Donors’ Society/ Dramatics and Art/ Writing and Poetry Clubs etc.
  • Enable them to be part of liaison committees between masses and different government departments.
  • Provide them the chance to play part in running our electronic media campaigns/ TV shows/ Radio shows etc.


All this shall render the youth a chance to get positions and designations like volunteers, activists, moderators, torchbearers, Internees, Assistant managers, Managers and even Members, and at the same time they can even earn while being the part of social upgrading.

Immense amount of practical exposure, better sense of social responsibility and an urge to improve their society will help them to inculcate traits of self discipline and self respect in them. We look forward to develop a strong and responsible youth, and while doing this we would actually be ensuring a strong future for Pakistan.


We are committed to extend the best incentives to our youth for promoting pervasive social participation in our society. We have developed the following unique attributes which distinguish our youth network (TYN) from the rest:

  • Free Youth Counseling and Advisory Service
  • Free Job Placement service
  • Free legal advice and legal cover